Rebekah home for girls survivors

I have recently started a small yahoo group called Rebekahsurvivors. It's goals are to create a safe community with other survivors in a positive environment where people feel comfortable talking about their experiences. This is a community for those who still have unresolved issues stemming from their stay at the Rebekah home for girls run by Roloff enterprises and Bethisda homes. It is a place to share and heal with others.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wow I really had a breakthrough. Thanks. I had to take my time andthink about it. I have a few issues that stem from being put inRebekah but I think they go deeper than that. They have more to dowith power and choice or more the lack of either. Why does an adultspank a child? Is it to gain power over the child? Is it to gaincontrol? Does it limit ones choices? Now as a child grows into ateenager and is experiencing new decisions and choices the parent isstill trying to enforce their will over the teenager by using thesame means of discipline they have always used but more strictbecause the teenager is bigger and the old methods no longer works.The teenager may reject this power the parent is trying to have overthem because they see other choices and want to gain control overtheir own destiny. How does the teenager gain control? They may dothe opposite thing the parent wants or they may do exactly what theparent wants.My dad was very controlling, strict, and abusive both verbally andphysically never sexually but he could be mean and still can be mean.My mom was selfish and lacked some basic nurturing capabilities. Myparents brought me up in a strict household where the belt or thestick above the refrigerator was used on a regular basis but at thesame time they encouraged me to be independent and didn't spend a lotof one on one time with me or attention on me. It was always go playin your room, go outside or find something to do. Well as I grewinto a teenager I began to make choices my parents didn't agree withbut instead of giving me guidance to steer me away from suchactivities they became stricter. I fought to gain empowerment to makemy own choices and my parents tightened their reign on me pushing mefarther away from them. The combination of my independence and myquest for power proved to be too much for my parents. My parentsbetrayed me and took me to Texas and handed their power over me tocomplete strangers for a year.Rebekah was a prison. It had a guard at the front gate, threebuildings surrounded by a twelve-foot fence with barbwire at the topand you could not leave on your own free will. All my choices weretaken away from me. I could not decide when to get up, what to eat,and when to go to bed. In fact my whole day was plan for me includingwhat I would wear and what I could say and think. I realize I madebad decisions in my first thirteen years of my life but I still donot think that they were justification to put me in a prison for ayear of my life. I committed no crime other than to speak out againstmy parents abuse and to reject it.TRIGGERS:Therefore, when someone says or implies or assumes that we deservedto be put into Rebekah or that we made our time worse by not playingalong with the rules or that I'm full of bitterness, I find that to be very great trigger.I'm thankful everyday that I'm free to make my own choices inlife. They may not be always the best but they are mine. I choose not to be a victim nor to blame or take fault but to accept my past forwhat it is.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I have recently started a yahoo group for Rebekah survivors who are looking to reconnect with others.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm writing about my experiences at Rebekah home for girls in Corpus Christi, TX and how it effected my life. It was originally owned by Roloff enterprises and was handed over to the Peoples Baptist church. I was there over twenty years ago in the early eighties. I was thirteen and headed for trouble or in it most of the time. Seventh grade had turned out to be particular tough for me because of a series of traumatic events in my life and my reaction to them. I made a lot of bad choices. It was summer and I started sneaking out of the house at night. Eventually I was caught my dad. He told me if I continued to do this there would be consequences. Of course I continued and was caught again and put on restriction for a month and I had several chores to be done on a daily basis. My dad was very strict and lived by the old book. My mom just went along with my dad.

Well I was very rebellious and I ran away. I was gone for at least a month before returning home. A couple weeks after I get home my dad informs me the whole family is going on vacation down to Corpus Christi, TX for family bonding. So I agree to go on vacation with them and promise him I will go to church with him on Sunday. We get there I'm just partying and being a teenager. Sunday comes around my dad, brother and I go to the Peoples Baptist church for services. I have no idea what is about to happen. After services we go over to the Rebekah dorm and I'm informed that Rebekah is where I will spend the next year of my life. I'm in shock and have no idea what is going on. We take a tour of the place and I meet my new room captain. I beg my dad before he leaves to let me go home I promise I will be better. But to no avail he left me there. I can't blame him. I was completely out of control partying and sneaking out but I wonder if being under such a strict abusive rule at home brought that out in me.

I will continue my story in the upcoming weeks. I do have a yahoo group set up for other Rebekah survivors. It's under the name Rebekah survivors.